Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am lazy.

I've got so much going on latley it's nuts. The turbo bike is apart for paint and I'm about to pop the motor apart to prep it for boost and reinforce the shit outta the cases. But I won't let myself do that until I get the motor back togheter for the shovelhead, which needed a set of pistons and a good going over to check out the valvetrain, the rod, pinon, and sprocket shaft bearings, and I wanted to check and make sure the flywheels are sitll running true. All things I need to do to continue beating the shit outta it with a clear conscience. Since I'm in there I'm gonna erase the oil drain passages in the left case and go to external drains, possibly dumping back into the cam chest to cut down on the windage factor a bit. My frind Billy at advanced machine helped me do up some bitchin' exhaust flanges that'll take evo flanges and gaskets and end the problem of my pipes fallin' outta the heads forever. I'm just trying to resist the temptation to flip the rear head and cylinder and run dual carbs on it. I'll do that later. Right now I've got my hands full with narrowing the fender, relocating the tag, taillight, and oil filter, building new controls, and building a nice clean 2 into 1 exhaust for it that'll use the AR trickery in what looks like a small muffler, but with only one curve to cancel out the reversion pulse so you still get a great sound, you don't lose midrange torque, and it's not restrictive on the top end either. It's time consuming as all get out. The work at the shop has been pretty damn good. Been busy as shit, worked on a damn nice norton about two weeks ago, and we're building a 114" knucklehead motor for a guy too!!! I'll put pictures of all this stuff up later today. I'm gonna get back on keeping this updated, it's just that sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day when you're dealing shop work, personal projects, riding, and a girl at home.

I was looking at these earlier, it's Mike Geokan's bonneville bullet. I love this type of shit. Fast and smart. Engineered to beat the band. Flat out for seven miles on a 400+ horsepower streamliner. Intense for sure. Check it out here if you're into the go-fast type of shit:

Water cooled cylinders to prevent meltdown at boost pressures higher than what most people run in there tires and o-rings to hold it all in without the possibility of spitting out head gaskets. I love it.

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pretty sad that anymore i get to hear how yer doin is form secondhand info and this fuckin page asshole. show me some love. I need it.