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honestly suprised.....

I found these clipons for cheap, but I was really doubtful of how they would look, thought it might look too japanesey. I've seen some bikes that just looked stupid as shit with them on, but I'm really liking them so far

The lanyard kill switch is a necessary evil, I don't plan on eating shit, I'm not trying to mimick a drag bike or anything like that, but I do plan on running the texas mile in late March next year. out there they want you to have a kill switch, ZR speed rated (186+ MPH) tires, a catch can for all breathers, lots of saftey wiring, steering dampeners for the speeds I'm shooting for, a full race suit, race boots and gloves, and a snell approved helmet. Sounds fairly strict, but it's totally understandable. It should be a blast, It's a standing start mile race. You just start sitting there, haul ass for a mile, and they have speed traps setup at the end. They've got some fast fast motherfuckers running out there, 240 MPH Toyota Supras, 230+ MPH Hayabusas, 150+ MPH street pumpgas harleys (new ones, big displacement twincams mostly) even a seriously worked over flathead that did almost 140!!!! I'm gonna take the ironhead out there, and the shovelhead if I can tear it apart, replace the rod bearings and do all stuff to the motor/chassis that I want to and get it back togheter before then.

I've got 43, 40, 38, and 36 tooth rear sprockets for both. I'm runnin' 24's on the front of both. I've never ran anything taller than 24:43 on the streets, That ratio just seems ideal, it's tall enough that you can hop on the interstate and cruise up to 90 before you get the shakes, and even then, if you're feeling especially stupid, you can push it up past 100 and just deal with the vibration, but then you're starting to risk the pipes falling off, the battery rattling apart, and you're also dealing with the fact that cops really don't like to see you going that fast and they hide everywhere. But even with that tall of a ratio if you've got a really well built motor up front it'll still rip right through the gears, pull hellacious wheelies, and leave joe rocket on his brand new R1 with a sock over his left shoe to keep it from gettin' scuffed up from the shifter scratchin' his head and wondering what the hell that thing was that just walked away from him.

The only problem with 24:43 relating to the mile course is that you're going to run out of gear and hit the rev limiter before the half mile mark. At that point you're not accelerating anymore and you're just along for the ride, all the while just keeping the bike wound up tight as fuck right before the limiter. The other option would be to putz up to the half mile mark before you actually get on it. Either way you're not getting everything you can outta the bike.

I'm wanting to make at least three passes. I'm gonna start out at 24:40, If I run out of gear too soon I'm gonna throw on the 38, and if I still wind out too soon I'm gonna make the next one with the 36 on there. I've never ran anything like this, just geared to the hilt on a long stretch of predictable pavement, so I'm not sure how fast I'm gonna run, but I know both bikes will easily do better than 150. I'm excited as shit to see it all go down!

Just for shits and giggles, this is the gear chart for the shovel when It's geared 24:46
RPM vs. MPH per gear

Make that old shitbox fly!!!!!!