Thursday, April 2, 2009

New carb for the shovelhead.

Took a super G and punched the venturi out to 50mm, shortened the emulsion tube, and did a couple other little tricks to get it ready for pressurization. Almost fucked the body up when I intersected the passageway for the air bleed, but I got some brass tubing that is the same I.D. as the original passageway, drilled the passageway for a nice light press fit and tapped it home with a little red loctite. Disaster averted. Top end power with the bigger carb is ridiculous, launch hard and slip the clutch up to about twenty then you better be holdin' on cause it's a rocket ride to the far edges of sanity.

Billy's new project

Ironhead clutches and transmissions suck. Best solution??? cut that shit off and put something back there that's got a fighting chance.