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That lady on the far right always cracks me up.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rad as Fuck.

A couple months ago there was a guy in the shop with a basket case harman motor sitting in the front of his truck very similar to the second picture down, he was trying to find rings for it. I tried to trade him my 93" shovelhead for it, not the motor, the whole bike. I tried to trade him my high compression 113 and the bike for it. He wouldn't go for it, wouldn't sell it, would not come off of it for anything. He knew what he had. Damnit. Could have built that thing into the toughest motor ever, 4 5/8" wheels with those cylinders on top would be around 139". Shovel rocker boxes too?? to fucking cool for school.

Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, brick wall beats Honda.

Kevo and I were leaving downtown fort myers last saturday night, we went under the bridge and pulled into a parking lot right after the bridge to get onto US41 because you can't make a left under the bridge for absolutley no reason at all. I noticed a car at the top of the bridge, way off, no big deal. We pull out, I look behind us and this guy had already covered half the distance between us and where he just was, haulin fuckin' ass right through a red light and in less than a second he flew right past us. Josh and Dan were behind us in Dan's van and they said the guy came within a foot or two of kevo. He shoots past us like a bullet in the far right lane, gets past us and tries to do a three lane sweep, you could tell the guy was good and tanked up because he oversteered left horribly, the car started to slide, he tried to save it and overcorrected and went right into the curb, went airborne for a few feet and sailed right into the corner of a brick building. He had to have been doing 100. No shit, the car exploded when it hit. The front half with the drivetrain still in it was about 15 feet away from the rest of the mess. The rest of the car was a disaster, just a crunched up ball of shit. Walking up on it I was sure the guy was just smashed, and I've got no clue how it happened but he was still in the seat and the roof was peeled back and he was pushed up half out the window still kinda in the seat, It looked really akward, but almost comfortable in a fucked up way. His legs were destroyed but the rest of him seemed alright. He was out cold but still beathing, so we called an ambulance fom him, waited for them to get there, then got the fuck out before we were stuck there all night. What a great way to end the evening!

I took these the next day before they patched up the hole in the wall.
Walking up to the bike to get the hell out of there I noticed this sign in the window. Nice!

well, there's your problem

Stolen from the RB racing website

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Hey! make sure you get my good side.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

There goes the neighbor hood. Came home today to this little note taped to my Motor Bike.

Tonys shovel head. Starting to come togeather and looking good.