Friday, August 8, 2008

About a week ago I started on the front hub for the sportster. I took two 74-77 front narrowglide hubs, cut them in half on the bandsaw, and machined them true. Then I took them up to my friend Billy's shop to get them welded back togheter.

After some machining and shaping work tonight this is what I ended up with. The top hub is what I wanted for the ironhead, the bottom is the leftovers from the hubs. I machined them down really thin, just thick enough to fit a spoke through.

If you look at the races in this pic you can see that the endplay spacer for this hub is only gonna be about 1/4" wide.

When I get to it, I've got plans to track down a narrow rim for that hub and build a narrowed 35mm front end around that wheel and this headlight:

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Mr.Donutts said...

whoa. setup for dual disc?